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The unrelenting thrill from an escape on your Harley® never changes, but what if you could push it even further? You can customize and upgrade the performance of your freedom machine, with help of a Screamin' Eagle® upgrade kit, aiding your machine with four different stages of changes working through the engine. Squeeze out extra performance across the board and take your adrenaline to new heights.


The easiest and most cost effective step to improve your motorcycle's performance is to increase the airflow into and out of the engine. A high-flow air cleaner and system-matched slip-on mufflers provide horsepower and torque improvements you can feel throughout the RPM range, and serve as the core components for all performance upgrades. ECM calibration is required to tune the fuel flow and timing required to accommodate the improved airflow.


Stage I + Cam Upgrade

Adding performance cams to a Stage I equipped bike is the next step to improved performance. Cam choices allow you to tailor the engine's performance to your specific needs. A torque cam offers on-demand throttle response from low- to mid-RPM at cruising speed. A power cam targets high-RPM. wide-open throttle response that keeps pulsing right up to the redline. CM calibration tuning is required to accommodate the increased valve timing, and performance valve springs may be required for high-lift cams.


Stage II + Big Bore, Cylinders & Pistons

The next step on the performance journey is to build a bigger engine. An increase in engine displacement allows the engine to swallow more air and fuel, a higher compression piston squeezes the air/fuel into a more volatile mixture, and when combined, generates more power when ignited. A displacement and compression increase provides torque increases throughout the entire RPM range with a 15-25% improvement in the mid-range power. CM calibration tuning is required to adjust fuel flow and timing to accommodate the increased displacement.


Stage III + Cyclinder Heads & Throttle Body

To maximize the impact of the increased displacement gained with Stage Ill updates, the addition of free-flowing ported cylinder heads and a big bore throttle body top off the performance build. Designed to satisfy the high-RPM, throttle-twisting rider, the Stage IV update delivers 20-30% increase in power that keeps pulling right up to the redline, without sacrificing mid-range torque. ECM calibration tuning is required to add more fuel, and a higher-lift cam may be required to deliver maximum power.

We can make it happen!

As America's Oldest Harley Dealer® we've worked inside and out with Harley-Davidson bikes across the years and we're confident in our builds. If you're interested in taking your performance to the next level with Farrow Performance®, shoot our team a message today and begin your journey to an even better ride. Give us a call or drop us a line through our website form here below. We'll talk soon!

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