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Farrow Harley-Davidson® Reviews

Farrow Harley-Davidson® Reviews

Read the Farrow  Harley-Davidson® reviews here. Read testimonials about the oldest Harley-Davidson® dealer in Ohio and America.

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"My girlfriend and I stopped in on Saturday. I have been wanting a Harley for many many years now, unfortunately we did not buy anything, yet. Although we did not buy anything, I cannot speak high enough about David Britt. Not only did he teach both my girlfriend and I more about motorcycles, he also helped me out with talking my girlfriend into letting me purchase one in the near future. David is an exceptional salesman, he takes his time to educate the potential buyer on the certain product they are wanting, he is not pushy like other salesmen I have dealt with in the past. He understands his customers priorities and does not try and talk you into making a decision on the spot. After my girlfriend and I left, I told her repeatedly that when the time comes for me to purchase my dream bike that I will be buying it from David. So David, thank you for taking the time and educating Kristin and myself about more than just the motorcycle. It truly was a 5 star experience and I will be back to purchase a Street Glide from you!!"

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Tim Willmann - Columbus, OH

"I called about the 06 ultra classic and spoke with Josh he was very informative and patient with my questions .I advised him that I couldn't make it up to Columbus till Friday and he said he would hold the bike for me. When I arrived from Florence KY I was greeted with friendly people and not pressured into my purchase... Awesome people to deal with and will definitely have my business in the future"

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Rick Hodke - Florence, KY

"David Britt the salesman is the best sales guy I have ever meet in my life, he takes his time with you answers all the questions you have and makes you feel comfortable asking questions even if they seem silly to you. He puts the customer first even if you're a new rider and don't know anything about Harley's. By far A.D Farrow is the best Harley dealer I've been to, and the only one I'll make future bike purchase from. I will recommend A.D Farrow Northstar to anyone that ask me where to go just because the atmosphere and people down there make the experience of buying bikes that much greater. I have purchased two Harley's from them and travel two hours from canton Ohio to get to A.D Farrow Northstar in Sunbury because every Harley dealer around me like Adventure in Dover and Freedom in North Canton Ohio I have had bad experiences and treated very poorly and will not even go into them to buy a t-shirt from them. Hands down by far A.D Farrow is the best Harley dealer I have been in so far from Cleveland Ohio to Tennessee and will recommend anyone that ask me what kind of bike to buy and where from it will always be a Harley from A.D Farrow Northstar."

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Zach Milbrodt - Canton, OH

"I just wanted to take the time and say thank you to the team at the A.D. Farrow location downtown. My experience was top notch and I really wanted to give credit where credit is due. When I came in last Sunday, I had in mind a few bikes that I was interested in after viewing the website. I had went to another location the week before and there were very few options in the price range I was interested in, however the salesman there sort of drove me in a direction I wasn't interested. That is when I decided to come to the downtown location with my wife and 3 year old. I didn't know at the time, but it was going to be the best decision I could have made. When I got there, I was greeted by a team of guys that were immediately ready to help. I explained how I saw 3 particular bikes on the website that I was interested in. Dino immediately took me out to show me all of them. This is where things changed for me. Going in, I was pretty intimidated by the atmosphere. While I have only been riding for a year, there was no judgment and a lot of in depth teaching about what I was looking at. He asked great open ended questions to really find out what my goals and hopes were for purchasing a bike. While I had went in thinking about a Dyna (since that is what my uncles and cousins all ride), he taught me about the differences in riding, style, comfort, and even a bit of history on everything. Also, he involved my wife and daughter. It wasn't just him talking to me, he spoke with all of us as a family. While going through the options, by this time he knew my price range, riding goals, and how I wanted my family involved. We narrowed it down to two bikes and they worked up the numbers for financing with me. Once again, no pressure, just straight shooting and explaining to the difference in costs, mileage, age, and reasonings behind the bike. You could also tell that the sell wasn't about getting me into the biggest and most expensive bike. It was about finding the right bike for me. I sat on each one, got a feel, and learned about the differences. It should be noted that the hour and a half I was in there, my 3 year old was introducing herself to every grown up she met in the store. And every employee met her with a smile. She was even given a bag of jelly beans (which made her day). Then, by the end of the visit she was literally crawling through the sales manger's legs like a bridge. LOL. It was apparent the love for kids he had, especially being a grandparent. And my daughter recognized that too. So now we add another part to the experience, family. Strolling into a shop and within the hour feeling like these folks genuinely care about you. It was huge. So, after talking about the financing strategy, we decided to step out for a couple hours. Heck, Dino even recommended some good places close by to check out. A few hours passed and after I dropped my family off at home, I went back down to the store. I was still debating between the Dyna and the Road King at this point though. When I got there, I asked Dino if we could go back out and check some things again. Without hesitation we walked right back out (In the rain) and went over the bikes again. We just reviewed the thoughts I had, revisited the purpose and goal I was looking for. In the end, I went with the Road King. The reason: It fit my lifestyle, riding goals, family interaction, and was well within my price range. So, that brings us up to the part where we do the paperwork. I dreaded this part. I have been in dealerships sitting at a desk for hours waiting on paperwork for a new vehicle to be done up. Bored. That's when they kicked in the "poker run" style tour of the store. Not gonna lie. My first thought (being a businessman myself) was that "This is the part where they are gonna walk me around the store, try and sell me 1,000 worth of gear and accessories, and just play off the excitement and adrenaline I have going on this purchase". But, I went along with it. Hey, I had nothing better to do and it will kill some time. And they even got the card thing happening and said I may win something in the end. I first went over to the clothing area and accessories. I knew if this is where they are gonna get me for some cash, this would be it. But, truth be told I didn't have much room to spend a lot. They let me know that no strings attached, just write down some things you are interested in, just as a wish list if I came back sometime. That put me at ease. This is where I want to give credit to the manager over in that area. She was absolutely phenomenal. She wasn't there to sell me on anything I wasn't interested in, she was there to educate me. Which is exactly what she did. She taught me about the type of jackets, venting, materials, and protection. She also taught me about helmets and taking care of them against the weather and aging. And, after helping me find the right size to a $500 jacket, we wrote it down on my wish list and gave me her contact information. Went to the other stations. No pressure, just introductions to the team members there and letting me know they are there for me if I need anything. So the timing was spot on and by the time I learned about the team and the store it was time to do the paperwork. Mind you, it was almost closing time and there was still not a "rushed" feeling. This is where Pokey comes in and goes through the paperwork with you. The whole time there is no pressure to hurry up and get paperwork done. I had questions and they were answered in depth and straight forward. It is also where I learned about H.O.G. This was really cool, because I do not have any riding buddies. When it was time to go, we set up the delivery information (since I wasn't comfortable riding it home) and I went ahead and left. Fast forward a week later and I got a call from Dino just following up. I had some questions that had come up on the bike and he let me know to bring it on down and have a walk-around with one of the service folks to teach me about it. We didn't have it done first since I had it delivered to me. So I rode down today to meet up with everyone. Amy came out to the lot and went in depth about what I was riding, maintenance, parts, and any other questions I had. She didn't make me feel dumb for not knowing about the bike or how it worked in certain areas. She made me feel comfortable teaching me about the intricacies of it and how to stay safe. So there it is. A freakin' story of an email. Sorry about that. Thing is, I couldn't just give credit to one or two folks. I have to give credit to an entire store and it's people that make it run. The experience from looking, buying, financing, family, and educating all came into play. Not once did I feel like I was being "sold". How does that happen? I believe it is because when people are passionate and do what they love, there is no effort needed to making someone be confident in their purchase. Thanks again guys. Not only has my life changed on the road forever, you have a customer for life and an entire family who will never forget that Sunday!"

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Rick T - Columbus, OH

"Dear Mr. Althoff, It was a pleasure meeting you on Thursday, September 18, as I was preparing to go into the F&I office to wrap-up paperwork on the 2012 Road King Classic I purchased that day. Thank you for taking time to speak with me. I expressed it at the time, but please know that my buying experience at the Northstar store was exceptional. Many thanks to Jerry Collier for the direction he provided throughout the process. I met Jerry during the rider class the weekend before, and he shared with me information on purchasing an HD bike. Didn’t pull any punches, either. I’ve been selling most of 30 years, and I appreciate it when I’m treated properly by a sales professional - questions asked were answered, directions provided as needed, and corrections made when I misinterpreted something. Most important, he asked for my business. Please extend my appreciation to Jerry for the courteous, professional treatment I received. Additionally, I appreciate the friendliness and courtesies offered up by the NorthStar staff and the time each took to review with me their respective areas of the dealership. A month ago when I stopped in ahead of the rider class they were most helpful and really got the ball rolling. Frankly, everyone made my wife and me feel welcomed at the dealership. Last, Bill Grether took time to answer questions when he delivered my bike on Friday. Lots of good information and glad to have the opportunity to review things Jerry covered the day before. Altogether, a terrific experience. Looking forward to seeing everyone as I develop as a rider. Thanks again to everyone. My best, Steve M."

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Steven M - OH

"I am currently attending MMI in Phoenix. I have been to multiple Harley dealerships in Arizona and Ohio, and your customer service is far above any that I have experienced. Your dealership is awesome!"

Overall Rating: ★★★★★
Shawn Nungester - XX

"Dealership is just GREAT to work with. Sales, Parts, Service, Motor Clothes are Awesome and make you feel Welcome and at home. Between my Wife who rides and myself we have purchased 4 new bikes from this dealership and will buy a new 2015 Ultra Limited from them next year for my wife. We are DEDICATED Members of The Harley Davidson Family and believe there is No Better Motorcycle Made Today."

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Tim Daffner - OH

"My salesman, was very helpful in getting the deal done on my bike, he and Nancy stayed late so I could get my old bike from home and get it to the dealership to finish the deal on one day since I was leaving town the next day. Extra thanks to them both!!!"

Overall Rating:★★★★★

Ronald Haigh - OH

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