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Best Motorcycle Roads in Ohio

Best Motorcycle Roads in Ohio

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If you're looking to find the best roads for motorcycles, look no further! Ohio motorcycle roads are some of the best available. With terrain ranging from flat and straight, to twisty turns and changing elevation, Ohio has the full range!  Be it scen ery, history, or just getting out for some valuable wind-therapy, Ohio offers amazing rides full of thrills, curves, and relaxing stretches that will absolutely fill those desires! 

We have accumulated some of our riders favorite motorcycle roads in Ohio and we want to share them with you. If you have other roads that you want to add, send us an email with descriptions, routes, or photos that you would like to share to Let's Ride!

OH 555 "The Triple Nickel"
37227217f0adfce9e8305fa54f7dd237_3c3f5708f50c016f.jpgThis is the quintessential road that everyone talks about. It is almost a "Right of Passage" for riders in the area.
As a matter of fact, people travel from all over to experience this stretch of scenic southern Ohio. The road gives you challenges with tight twists and "reverse-camber" turns through this 62-mile road covering four counties in Southern Ohio! There are a few places to stop, but the ride is exhilarating and causes you just keep rolling!

This is one of those roads that everyone talks about riding, and you should be able to tell the story of your own experience!
State Route 555's southern end is at US 50, SR 7 and SR 32 (James A. Rhodes Appalachian Highway) in the community of Little Hocking in extreme southwestern Washington County. This part of the journey is nestled in the Ohio River Valley and provides scenery as you exit the Triple Nickel.
Its northern end is at SR 60 in Wayne Township, just outside Zanesville. If you are ending here, the road leaves you heading into the historic city of Zanesville (once the capitol of Ohio) and to the very unique "Y-Bridge" on Rt 40, also known as the National Road. Either way that you take 555, you will NOT be disappointed!

St Rt 374 in Hocking Hills
ac4b687c1dd75b410e0fa801b869f865_ec63c100c25b0c3f.jpgIf you love rolling hills and scenic stops, you MUST take St Rt. 374 off of Rt 33 near Rockbridge and prepare yourself for pure enjoyment! The road takes you right into the Hocking Hills region where you can explore this amazing area of cliffs, waterfalls, hiking trails and amazing camping! You can follow the State Park signs to many of the attractions including Rock House, Cantwell Cliffs, Conkles Hollow, and even Old Mans Cave, just to name a few. 
You can take 374 to the end and then take 664 to a favorite biker stop at Jimbo's Burgers and Beer (drink responsibly) and then you have a slew of other roads to experience!
State Route 374 (SR 374) is north–south state highway in Hocking County, Ohio, located in the southern portion of the state. Its southern end is a little more than 4 miles (6.4 km) east of the village of South Bloomingville at State Route 56, and its northern end is near the village of Rockbridge at US 33, west of Logan. The road serves Hocking State Forest as well as Hocking Hills State Park, and the entire highway is part of the designated Hocking Hills Scenic Byway.

Clear Creek Valley
b4d498da1903d1b2ef3ab76efc814821_db455fdf4377e6dc.jpgAlthough this road does not have the best surface conditions, it ranks right up there with scenery! You find yourself drifting alongside a crystal clear river on one side of you, and a lush forest on the climbing hillside to the other. It is a spectacular ride all year long, but breathtaking in the fall! There are numerous places to stop and enjoy the area. Clear Creek offers many activities, including hiking, picnicking, canoeing, fishing, nature programs, and a pet trail. The mass of the area was donated to the Columbus Metro Parks system and is the only park that is not in Columbus proper.

According to Wikipedia: Clear Creek Metro Park is a nature preserve located at 185 Clear Creek Road in Rockbridge, Ohio, just off U.S. Route 33. It is part of the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks system. It is also dedicated as an Ohio State Nature Preserve, being the largest preserve within the system. Open 6:30 am until dark, the park is home to over 800 plant species and over 150 species of birds

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